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Processing Costs

The estimated costs for businesses to process a Paper invoice is around $30 and $27 for a PDF invoice.
In comparison an e-Invoice is estimated to cost under $10 due to the increased levels of automation involved.


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Even if you’re still using excel or paper based methods for invoicing, there’s an e-Invoicing solution for you.

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Perfect for small business and freelancers. It can also be used as an interim measure if you have an urgent need to send an e-Invoice to satisfy a supplier’s requirements.

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While we have an extensive database, we can sometimes miss one or two software products in the market.

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e-Invoicing (sometimes known as electronic invoicing) is the automated exchange of standardised structured invoice data directly between senders and receivers software using a highly secure, governed network. The use of structured data allows it to be interpreted by any invoicing software enabled for e-invoicing, dramatically increasing the accuracy and security of the process and at the same time lowering the cost.

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Whether you use excel or paper based invoicing methods, there is an e-Invoicing solution available for you.

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Many of the solutions on this website have the ability to do both the sending and receiving of e-Invoices, while others are only a sending solution or a receiving solution. Check the description and tags on each solution to find what’s best for you

We’ve created a simple activation kit that you can send to your customers and suppliers so they can get activated for e-Invoicing through einvoicing.com.

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Costs vary between solution providers and depend on set up costs and transaction volumes. Many of the solution providers on this website offer very competitive low-priced options for businesses. Check out their solution pages to find out more.

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