Are Your Trading Partners eInvoicing Ready?

Simply upload a list of trading partner ABN/NZBN’s and we’ll send you a report showing who is currently enabled for receiving eInvoices. Please note that trading partners who send eInvoices will not be listed in the report.

Search multiple ABN and NZBNs for eInvoicing Trading Partners

1.  Download the .csv template below to perform a bulk look up search using multiple ABNs or NZBNs at one time

2. Note the disclaimer and the privacy policy

3. Enter business identifiers into the .csv template as follows;

  • The Int Ref field is an internal cross-reference field that you may use to match the data.Please note that this field can be left blank if no cross referencing is required
  • The Scheme ID field is either 0151 for Australian businesses or 0088 for New Zealand companies
  • The Peppol ID field is either the company ABN or NZBN

4. Upload your .csv file by clicking ‘Choose File’, select your template file and click ‘Submit’

Find participant ID's on the Peppol directory by uploading their business identifiers

Upload your .csv template below to find out if your clients and suppliers are enabled for eInvoicing.

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